Case Studies

The NOBEL project pilot studies are located in following countries in selected regions via the establishment of pilot demonstrations. There are economically well-exploited forest ecosystem services (FES) such as timber production and partly non timber forest products (NTFP), but also novel FES like carbon sequestration (CS), recreation (sports, hunting), biodiversity & nature conservation, water & soil protection, protection against natural hazards, of which the values are enhanced within NOBEL.

Country and regional pilot demonstration sites

map of pilot demonstrations
Pilot demonstrations in European case study areas in NOBEL
  • PD1 | Portugal: Vale do Sousa, Northwest
  • PD2 | Sweden: Käringberget, Västerbotten, Boreal Zone
  • PD3 | Spain: Cerdanya, Pyrenees, Catalonia in Northeast
  • PD4 | Austria: Bad Aussee, Ennstaler Alpen
  • PD5 | France: Lorraine, Northeast France