WP6: Management and Coordination

WP6 (Lead: BOKU) provides an efficient and effective project management including administrative, logistic and financial issues. The progress and control quality of the project along the work plan and its milestones and deliverables will be monitored and an effective information flow, communication and proper decision-making within the project consortium will be ensured.

WP6 lead BOKUPartners
Task 6.1 Financial and administrative management and reportingBOKU
Task 6.2 Organisation of project meetings and workshopsBOKU
Deliverable (number)Deliverable nameWPTaskPartner TypeDelivery date (months)
6.1Minutes of Kick-off meeting66.2BOKUR3
6.2Minutes of Annual project meetings66.2BOKUR12, 24, 36
Type of codesExplanation of the codes used
RDocument, report (excluding the periodic and final reports)