WP2: Communication and interaction with stakeholders

WP2 (Lead: INRAE) will facilitate the work with the stakeholders at multiple levels and will disseminate the project findings and products to the target groups of NOBEL. Stakeholder panels in the pilot demonstrations and at supranational (EU) level will be established to facilitate and harmonize the stakeholder interaction at both levels. A survey regarding forest owner attitudes towards providing FES and the experiences of forest managers on the relation between management and FES will be conducted. These activities will inform the implementation of business models in WP5 and development of a new policy framework in WP4.

WP2 lead INRAEPartners
Task 2.1 Multi-actor involvement of stakeholders INRAE
Task 2.2 Land owner attitudes regarding the provision of FESINRAE
Task 2.3 Forest management for the provision of FESBOKU
Task 2.4 Communication and DisseminationCTFC
Deliverable (number)Deliverable nameWPTaskPartner TypeDelivery date (months)
2.1Detailed Stakeholder interaction plan 22.4CTFCR12
2.2Web-based Communication Platform 22.4BOKUDEC5
2.3Detailed Dissemination & Exploitation Plan (DEP) 22.4BOKUR10
2.4Report on management regimes and FES provisioning in European Forest Types22.4BOKUR18
2.5Publication on forest owner attitudes on ES provisioning22.2INRAR24
Type of codesExplanation of the codes used
RDocument, report (excluding the periodic and final reports) 
DECWebsites, patents filing, press & media actions, videos, etc.