Deliverable (number)Deliverable nameWPTaskPartner TypeDelivery date (months)Status
1.1Academic peer reviewed article on spatial information needs, availability and accessibility to support business model development 11.1NMBUR18PU
1.2Meta documentation of data needed to estimate ES for pilot demonstrations55.1NMBUR21PU
1.4Web-based auctioning platform 11.4SLUOTHER32PU
1.5Auction training and advertisement materials 11.4SLUDEC32PU
1.6Maps of predicted transitions of stand types and related FES provision 11.5TUMOTHER36PU
2.1Detailed Stakeholder interaction plan 22.4CTFCR12PU
2.2Web-based Communication Platform 22.4BOKUDEC5PU
2.3Detailed Dissemination & Exploitation Plan (DEP) 22.4BOKUR10PU
2.4Report on management regimes and FES provisioning in European Forest Types22.4BOKUR18PU
2.5Publication on forest owner attitudes on ES provisioning22.2INRAR24PU
3.1Indicator framework for FES1&31.2 & 3.1BOKUR8PU
3.2Documentation of forest simulators and output of FES indicators 33.2SLUR14PU
3.3Report on valuation methods33.3INRAR18PU
3.4Documentation of optimizer tools for land management plans33.4TUMR20PU
3.5Documentation of methods for web-based auctioning FES 33.5TUMR24PU
4.1List of demands for FES based on national and sub-national policies and guidelines44.1BOKUR17PU
4.2Report on governance settings of successful business models44.3BOKUR20PU
4.3Policy brief with recommendations for novel public policies supporting new business models44.5BOKUR32PU
5.1Guideline for setting up the pilot demonstrations55.1CTFCR10PU
5.2Documentation of business relations, potential for ES provisioning, business model set-up and implementation in pilot demonstrations55.1INRAR24PU
5.3Peer reviewed paper on trade-offs in FES provisioning in pilot demonstrations55.2TUMR30PU
5.4Report on implementing business models in pilot demonstrations55.4INRAR36PU
6.1Minutes of Kick-off meeting66.2BOKUR3CO
6.2Minutes of Annual project meetings66.2BOKUR12, 24, 36CO
Type of codesExplanation of the codes used
RDocument, report (excluding the periodic and final reports) 
DECWebsites, patents filing, press & media actions, videos, etc.
OTHER Software, technical diagram, etc.