WP1: Geographic information and auction platform

WP1 (Lead: NMBU) will organize and provide the spatial information needed to map the portfolio of desired FES in Europe (identified in WP4) and to support the design of business models. The spatial information needs for the mapping of FES (e.g. timber and non-timber forest products, carbon, biodiversity, recreation, wildlife, protection) will be identified and options for new FES indicators based on data from pan-European data infrastructure and national data acquisition campaigns will be explored. A web-based auctioning platform will facilitate the implementation of the business models in the pilot demonstrations.

WP1 Lead NMBU Partners
Task 1.1 Assess available spatial data and information to map FESNMBU
Task 1.2 Explore and demonstrate new FES indicatorsNMBU
Task 1.3 Design of spatial information platforms in pilot demonstrationsSLU
Task 1.4 Populate platforms with dataNMBU
Task 1.5 Development of web-based auctioning platform SLU, UL
Task 1.6 Upscaling management effects on FESTUM
Deliverables Deliverable nameTaskPartner TypeDelivery date (months)
1.1Academic peer reviewed article on spatial information needs, availability and accessibility to support business model development 1.1NMBUR18
1.2Meta documentation of data needed to estimate ES for pilot demonstrations5.1NMBUR21
1.4Web-based auctioning platform 1.4SLUOTHER32
1.5Auction training and advertisement materials 1.4SLUDEC32
1.6Maps of predicted transitions of stand types and related FES provision 1.5TUMOTHER36
Type of codesExplanation of codes used
R:Document, report (excluding the periodic and final reports) 
DEC:Websites, patents filing,   press & media actions, videos, etc.
OTHER: Software, technical diagram, etc.