WP4: Analysis of the political framework for forest ecosystem services

WP4 (Lead: BOKU) will focus on the analysis of the governance settings and policy instruments needed to implement business models successfully and a Science Policy Interface will support the interactions between scientists and policy makers (during facilitated workshops in WP2). The demands for FES provisioning resulting from existing European/national/sub-national policies will be identified. Based on that a political framework supporting the implementation of business models for providing FES will be designed.

WP4 lead BOKUPartners
Task 4.1 Map current demands for the provision of FES in national and sub-national policiesBOKU
Task 4.2 Identification of successful and innovative business models for providing FESCTFC
Task 4.3 Analysis of governance setting of existing business models cases and pilots BOKU
Task 4.4 Design of novel policy framework supporting the implementation of business modelsBOKU
Deliverable (number)Deliverable nameWPTaskPartner TypeDelivery date (months)
4.1List of demands for FES based on national and sub-national policies and guidelines44.1BOKUR17
4.2Report on governance settings of successful business models44.3BOKUR20
4.3Policy brief with recommendations for novel public policies supporting new business models44.5BOKUR32
Type of codesExplanation of the codes used
RDocument, report (excluding the periodic and final reports)