WP3: Methods and models to assess forest ecosystem services

WP3 (Lead: TUM) will provide the methods and models relevant to quantify FES and to derive their values from stakeholders’ perspectives (for use in WPs 1 and 5). A framework of indicators for ES capacity and actual provisioning will be developed, and available forest ecosystem models will be enhanced to estimate the input for the indicators. Methods to quantify the economic value of market and non-market ES will be screened for their applicability in the business models. Optimization tools will be used to generate forest management plans for the regional demonstration cases.

WP3 lead TUMPartners
Task 3.1: Design of indicator framework for capacity and provision of FESBOKU
Task 3.2: Enhance existing forest ecosystem models to project FES indicators in pilots SLU
Task 3.3: Methods to assess economic value of FES INRAE
Task 3.4: Development of comprehensive optimization approaches TUM
Task 3.5: Methods for auctioning ecosystem services TUM
Deliverable (number)Deliverable nameWPTaskPartner TypeDelivery date (months)
3.1Indicator framework for FES33.1BOKUR8
3.2Documentation of forest simulators and output of FES indicators 33.2SLUR14
3.3Report on valuation methods33.3INRAR18
3.4Documentation of optimizer tools for land management plans33.4TUMR20
3.5Documentation of methods for web-based auctioning FES 33.5TUMR24
Type of codesExplanation of the codes used
RDocument, report (excluding the periodic and final reports)