Forest attributes to integrate ES into planning

A review on forest attributes measurable by forest inventory that may support the integration of non-provisioning ecosystem services (ES) and biodiversity into forest planning was recently published by members of the NOBEL research group. The review identifies appropriate forest attributes to quantify the opportunity for recreation, biodiversity promotion and carbon storage, and describes new criteria that future forest inventories may include. It discusses how mapping ES could benefit from such new criteria and concludes with three case studies illustrating the importance of selected criteria delivered by forest inventory.

Recent studies on forest inventory focus mainly on carbon storage and biodiversity promotion, while very few studies address the opportunity of recreation. Field sampling still dominates the data collection, despite the fact that airborne laser scanning (ALS) has much improved the precision of large-scale estimates of the level of forest ES provision.

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Knoke T, Kindu M, Schneider T, Gobakken T (2021): Inventory of Forest Attributes to Support the Integration of Non-provisioning Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity into Forest Planning—from Collecting Data to Providing Information. Curr Forestry Rep (2021).