Special Issue “Forest Ecosystem Services and Products” in Forests

Ecosystem services broadly describes the comprehensive set of benefits that people receive from nature, including commonly recognized goods, such as timber and fresh water, and forest products that follow sustainable forest management principles. Forest ecosystem services and products integrate the ecological, economic, and social considerations for forestry, including reforestation (managing, growing, nurturing, and harvesting of trees for useful products), conservation (soil, water, and wildlife and fisheries habitats), aesthetics, and socioeconomic benefits to meet society’s needs.

forest services

This Special Issue on forest ecosystem services and products will include emerging issues, such as ecosystem services and markets, life-cycle assessment of forest products, certified forestry systems, forest certification and certified forest products, and the economic contributions to sustainable forestry. In particular, this Special Issue will include papers that broadly focus on the provision of ecosystem services at national and international scales, including ecosystem services and markets for carbon, water, wetlands, and recreation; life-cycle assessment of forest products and mass timber structures; certified forest products from sustainably managed forests; forest certification and the ecolabeling of forest products and wood structures; applied silviculture to meet sustainable forest management objectives; the economic contributions of wood products to sustainable forestry; and other topics important for sustainable forest management.

Prof. Dr. Robert Deal
Guest Editor

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