EU Forest Strategy: Strengthening forests for biodiversity & climate change

A webinar to discuss how to strengthen forest ecosystem services and integrated forest management for biodiversity and climate change.

About this event

IUCN and EFI have joined forces to present an open, high-level webinar and exchange on the New EU Forest Strategy for 2030. The webinar, organised via the SINCERE project and Integrate Network, will bring together key stakeholders interested in and contributing to the implementation of the Forest Strategy, to reflect on the pathways for action strengthening the important role of forests in achieving Europe’s biodiversity, ecosystem services, and climate change targets.

The webinar creates a space for constructive dialogue and joint reflections on future implementation and collaboration within the framework established by the New EU Forest Strategy for 2030, and in particular its biodiversity and climate change objectives. Participants are invited to reflect on the potential of the Forest Strategy and Biodiversity Strategy to address and advance support for ecosystem services and the integration of biodiversity protection into forest management, to ensure resilience and productive capacity of European forests. Participants are also invited to discuss the need to reward forest owners for the multiple ecosystem services that forests provide, as highlighted by the New Forest Strategy.

By bringing together a diverse range of scientific experts, forest managers, civil society, and policy- and decision-makers from across Europe, the webinar offers the opportunity to explore stakeholder perspectives on the operationalisation of the New Forest Strategy and its implementation at European, national and local scales.

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