ForestValue NEWSLETTER #8

“In order to strengthen EU cooperation, a research and innovation partnership on forestry will be proposed to overcome the fragmentation of public research efforts in the EU and to reinforce work on research priorities that call for a stronger coordination”
The statement above is the new EU Forest Strategy.
Working towards this aim is possible on two fronts: First, collecting a fiche document describing a possible European Partnership on Forestry by SCAR FOREST
Second, prepare a Horizon Europe proposal with the lead of the European Forest Institute and ministry. The proposal plans to bring about a European Partnership in forest-based sector, which is a body of public and private actors that contribute to reducing the fragmentation of the research and innovation landscape in the EU and contribute significantly to achieving the EU’s political priorities.

In fact, ForestValue with several transnational projects aims to produce knowledge to promote the best possible use of forests and forest resources for the benefit of society on its way to a climate-neutral circular economy and sustainable.

In the provided newsletter (pdf attached), you can find the updated reports of the following: ForestValue Joint Call 2021
ForestValue Joint Call 2017 — project updates
2020 Dissemination and Exploitation Booster
ForestValue final Conference

For the NOBEL, a summary of the Ecosel workshop and the Sincere-Nobel final conference is mentioned.

Enjoy reading the 8th newsletter, November 2021!