Insights in the first tests of the Web-based Auctioning Platform

Engaging and receiving input from stakeholders is a critical step to the successful use and implementation of the auctioning platform.  Some stakeholder workshops were held in Portugal to support the NOBEL team in 1) finding a most efficient combination of ecosystem services that can be delivered at the least possible cost, and 2) to make the ECOSEL tool well suited for many natural resources issues that involve trade-offs between private and public goods and services. Also, a survey was launched to select and offer packages of ecosystem services in a participatory approach and choose the corresponding management plans for the two forestry intervention zones (ZIFs) of Castelo de Paiva and Entre Douro e Sousa. In the most recent workshop on September 11 it was now possible to test the web-based auctioning platform in collaboration with the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) team in the Bioecosys Project and Modfire project.

Activities of the workshop:

The participants selected baskets of ecosystem services (ES) considering the trade-offs between biodiversity, soil erosion, carbon stock, and wildfire resistance using the Pareto Frontier simulator.

Stakeholders ​​assessed the “Ecosel” platform conceived with the objective of conducting online auctions of baskets of ES at Vale de Sousa forest – baskets that include environmental services without a market, an alternative to the “standard” basket (BAU – Business as usual) with services/ products that generate revenue (e.g., maximization of wood production).

The outcomes of the workshop

A first-hand assessment of the stakeholders’ perceptions regarding the Forest Ecosystem Services that the participants intend to secure for the Vale do Sousa area! E.g. the basket comprising of maximizing wildfire resistance obtained the highest reserve price.

The participation of residents, owners, and stakeholders in the Vale de Sousa forest has been essential for the success of this survey in order to identify relevant forest ecosystem services valued by the population residing in the Vale do Sousa forest insertion zone; and the information provided will contribute to a better understanding of decision-making processes in forest management and public forest policies.

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