The Bioecosys Final Conference is coming up soon

The IUFRU Units 4.04.04-  sustainable Forest management scheduling and 4.03.03- information management and information Technologies are sponsoring with the Forest Research Center (CEF) of ISA/ university of Lisbon and the Forestwise Colab the 2021 BIOECOSYS conference. It will be a one-day virtual and on-site event to be held on December 6th, 2021 in Lisbon Portugal. The agenda encompasses two sessions.

  • In the first session, international keynote speakers will provide a global perspective on Advanced forest ecosystem management DSS and multiple criteria methods as well as an approaches to attract payments for ecosystem services
  • The second session will include presentations of recent research targeting the application of forest ecosystem management planning methods as well as of business models to get payments for ecosystem Services. It will encompass the demonstrations of a Pareto Frontier and computational platform to select baskets of ecosystem services and of a web-based platform to support the auction of ecosystem services.

This conference is funded by the BIOECOSYS, MODFIRE, and NOBEL project at CEF/ISA.

Please find the conference program and the link for free registration to all participants on the BIOECOSYS  project website.

The official YouTube video of the conference is now available: Conferência Bioecosys – CEF, ISA, ULisboa – YouTube